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The Willson Heart Center is more than a place – it’s a team of pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, nurses and staff who save and sustain lives on a daily basis.  These experts specialize in repairing hearts sometimes the size of a walnut.  Your support will help bring pioneering discoveries to Valley Children’s Healthcare to the benefit of our patients and their families.

Child Life Services helps children and families cope with hospitalization.  Our Child Life Specialist are trained professionals who collaborate with doctors, nurses and staff to help our patients and families understand medical diagnoses, procedures and treatments through education and play.

Our Spiritual Support Services help families answer difficult questions in the midst of stressful situations and heartache.  Spiritual and religious needs generally increase during a hospital stay – even if a family did not claim a faith or practice their faith before coming to Valley Children’s, they often seek a chaplain’s help.  Your support will bring peace and comfort to patients, families, friends and medical staff engrossed in difficult and often emotional hospital experiences.

We are humbled by your generous spirit of philanthropy that enables Valley Children’s Healthcare to provide the best care for our children.  Your commitment and support will help Valley Children’s Healthcare to bring the newest and most innovative cardiac treatments to mend broken hearts, ensure our patients and families continue to benefit from therapeutic play activities that reduce anxiety and promote healing, and ensure every child, parent, visitor and staff member receives spiritual care to bring peace in the midst of heartache.

 You have the power to save children’s lives through the Heart, Mind and Soul.

Make the Dream to Become the Best a Reality.  More than 60 years ago, our founding mothers had a dream to care for children in a hospital as special as its patients.  Valley Children’s Healthcare has flourished ever since, caring for hundreds of thousands of infants, children and adolescents.  The mission of Valley Children’s guides us as we travel the road to our future alongside physicians, staff, children, families, our community, our partners and the Guilds throughout the region.

The Guilds have been raising funds for Valley Children’s Healthcare since 1949, having raised over $27.5 million.  The Guilds remain dedicated to their long-standing mission of raising funds, advocating for children and promoting goodwill for Valley Children’s Healthcare and objectives of raising financial support and developing ongoing community support.  It was through the fundraising efforts of the original Guilds that Valley Children’s Healthcare was constructed on donated land.

When you support La Visionaria Guild, you are supporting expert care at its best.  The Guilds of Valley Children’s has completed its $4 million pledge towards the establishment of The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Endowment and have recently completed $4 million goal towards The Guilds Heart Center Endowment ($2 million); The Guilds Child Life Endowment ($1 million) and The Guilds Spiritual Support Endowment ($1 million). We are currently raising funds of $5 million commitment towards an endowment to The Guilds Center for Community Health.  

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